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Virtual Desktops Solutions for Law Firms


Secure and Compliant VDI Solutions for Your Firm

Protect your firm against downtime, gain higher levels of security, and reduce risk exposure with VDI solutions that are tailored for legal professionals.

Law firms and legal professionals face very unique challenges. These specific challenges, along with the fact that that many law firms and legal professionals have little to no in-house IT staff, makes finding the right solution and right the partner to manage and support these solutions, that much harder.

Our Workspace Anyware™ VDI solutions can meet the needs of your law firm by deploying virtual desktops for your end-users while maintaining control, increasing security, and mitigating risk to your firm.

Enterprise-Grade End Point Security

No matter what hardware or device the employees are using, data is never stored on any local device. This protects confidential data if a device is ever stolen or lost. Lume provides additional endpoint security measures through a range of enterprise-grade endpoint solutions.

These protect against viruses, malware, and other common threats. Monitoring, backups, and flexible support and management options, add additional protection and peace of mind for your firm’s users and devices.

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Mobile and Remote Workers

Our VDI solutions allow law firms to support mobile, remote, and work from home employees and contractors with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) flexibility, while still providing security, control, high-performance, and access to all critical applications and data.

VDI Benefits for the Legal Industry

Our Workspace Anyware™ VDI solutions for law firms can help your firm overcome many of the challenges that are unique to your industry.

Mobile and Remote Workers

Law firms can empower and support their mobile, remote, and work from home employees with Lume’s Workspace Anyware™ VDI solutions while providing security, control, and access to all sensitive data and applications

Easy to Deploy

Lume makes it easy to implement and maintain VDI solutions, no matter how big or small your internal IT resources are


Endpoint Security

Removing data off the endpoint provides better security, control, and privacy from theft and malicious users

End-User Controls

Limit exactly what employees see, what applications they use, and what actions they can take

Device Flexibility

Access across thin/zero clients, desktops or tablets – ideal for remote workers, contractors, and BYOD


Compliant-ready solutions comply with rigorous standards by trade groups and certifying organizations that maintain all relevant certifications and attestations



Lume’s Workspace Anyware™ VDI solutions are built for security, compliance, and performance that provide an unparalleled experience for end-users

Control Costs

Reduce your firm’s capital spend by combining device, management, security, and licensing into a simple monthly fee

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Guarantee employees can always access mission-critical applications and data in the event of a disaster

Trusted Solution Provider for the Legal Industry

We have been successfully assisting law firms for decades in selecting, implementing, and managing Cloud and Technology solutions. We help bridge the difficult area where your office ends…and the cloud begins.

Our Workspace Anyware™ VDI solutions for law firms can help your firm overcome many of the challenges that are unique to your industry:

  • Frequently changing workloads
  • Processing and managing large documents
  • Securing sensitive and private data
  • Accessing case documents and data on the go
  • Increasing billable hours and reducing downtime
  • Meeting and maintaining compliance requirements

Hartley, Rowe & Fowler, P.C.

“Lume is a great provider. They truly understand the technology and operational needs of a law firm. Our firm relies on them to fully manage and support all of our cloud infrastructure and they always deliver. Lume’s level of service and support always exceeds our expectations, and we couldn’t be happier.”

– Lee Isler, Hartley, Rowe & Fowler, P.C.

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Unique Challenges for Legal Professionals

Law firms and legal professionals deal with unique and specific challenges that must be considered when implementing any technology solution.

Billable Hours

Billable hours are the lifeblood of every firm. Inefficiencies around technology, workflows, and case data management can detract from revenue-generating activities

Changing Workloads

Staffing for caseloads and demand can fluctuate, sometimes requiring third-party contractors that don’t have the same IT resources to ensure security and best practices are being met.

Remote Workers

Full-time employees traveling for work, employees working from home, or third-party contractors still need constant, secure access to case documents and sensitive data.

Large Legal Documents and Applications

Case documents are often large with frequent changes. Firms can lose valuable time transferring, downloading, and managing this data.

Lack of Internal IT Resources

You focus your firm; we’ll handle the rest. We offer flexible management and support options for our VDI solutions that require minimum effort from internal IT staff – this is great for small firms.




While most industries have security considerations of some kind, it’s an even larger consideration for law firms as nearly all data that is handled is confidential and sensitive.


Lume’s Workspace Anyware™ VDI solutions can help law firms and their associates work securely and efficiently within a compliant-ready virtual desktop environment. Our VDI solutions are designed to support remote and mobile workers, as well as third-party contractors, allowing all users to access a secure, compliant, and fast virtual desktop experience from any location on any device.

Resolution Economics, LLC

“Lume is a true technology partner, and they consistently put their customers’ needs and requirements first. Lume has designed and implemented numerous cutting-edge custom solutions such as legal technology solutions, ultra-high speed file transfer technology, and virtual data room to meet our firm’s rapidly growing business needs. Lume has exceeded our expectation in their support and services.”

– Ed Moon, Partner, Resolution Economics, LLC

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