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Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions can meet the needs of any organization by deploying virtual desktops for each end user while maintaining control through the cloud and improving end-user support. You can give your employees what they need while maintaining control and support through the cloud.

What Is Desktop Virtualization?

Desktop virtualization is a technology that allows you to separate the operating system (OS), or desktop environment, and applications from the physical client that your employees use to access their desktop.

When using virtual desktops, each user retains their own instance of the desktop OS and their applications, which is actually running on a server. The user can then access their desktop from anywhere from a variety of devices, such as a laptop, tablet or a thin client.

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VDI Solution Infrastructure


Multiple or Dedicated Hosts


Local Backups


VPN Configuration




Server Management


Advanced Monitoring

Additional Options


HA Configuration


Dedicated Firewall (located in data center or on premise)


P2P Networking


Application Management


End User Helpdesk Support


Disaster Recovery Geo-Replication

The Fastest VDI In the World

Delivering Performance for GPU Intensive Applications

In the past, any attempt from other providers to deliver a full-blown, hosted CAD or other GPU intensive program, was always met with considerable challenges. The performance and functionalities of the applications always suffered when they were deployed in public cloud environments (AWS, Azure, etc.) and those of other providers.

We’ve cracked the code.

The Benefits of VDI

Users can access their virtual desktop from any device including tablets, desktops, smartphones, laptops, and thin clients

Adios Hardware Refresh
VDI solutions help extend the life of existing hardware since you are no longer relying on the local machine to run apps and perform everyday tasks

Control Costs
Reduce your capital spend and get more bang for your buck by combining compute, management, upgrades, security and licensing into a simple monthly fee

VDI solutions give you the ability to quickly add new users and deploy desktops & apps to anyone in your organization with just a few clicks

Managed Solutions
You focus on your business; we’ll handle the rest. We can manage your VDI solution as much as you want or as little as you want with 24/7 customer support and service

Enjoy the flexibility and added productivity that comes with being connected to your company and apps without having to stay physically chained to your office

Our enterprise-grade security and software will protect your business from viruses, malware, and ne’er-do-wells at an infrastructure level, with 24/7 monitoring and support

VDI Use Cases

Mobile Device Access

VDI solutions allow users who want to use mobile devices liked an iPad, Android tablet, etc. the ability to easily access their desktop whenever they need to, from any device they choose.

Graphic Intensive Applications

Our VDI solutions can be deployed with high-end GPU options that allow employees who use graphic-intensive apps, such as CAD, engineering applications, and graphic design applications, to run those apps seamlessly without any performance or UX loss.

Remote Employees

If you have employees working from home or remotely in different locations, a VDI solution enables them to access the data and applications they need to be productive.

Temporary Employees

If your business needs to hire temporary or seasonal employees, deploying a VDI solution for them will provide them access to the applications and data they need, and can then be easily spun down once their employment is over.

Training and Students

New employee training, employee development training, or students in an academic environment can utilize VDI solutions to access the resources they need, for a predetermined amount of time, then removed after completing the training or at the end of the course session.

Comprehensive Services

To complement your VDI solution, we offer a robust suite of services to help power your business and IT department.

Proper security and compliance is more than just a few clicks and settings. Our Solution Engineers will design and deploy a secure and compliant environment for your business. We deploy a bundle of security standards and tools to protect your network, servers, storage, and apps.

Not only do our solutions and data centers meet regulatory compliance standards like SOC, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and Privacy Shield but our staff will help walk you through the process and make sure you fully understand the requirements and controls.  Learn more

Location is a key component when deploying cloud solutions. For better performance and low latency for your applications, you need the ability to choose where your cloud is located.

Our global footprint of data centers provides greater access, low latency, better performance, and application availability.  Learn more

Give your IT team the gift that keeps on giving by taking advantage of our flexible managed solutions. We act as an extension of your team. We’ll manage or co-manage your environment and free your staff to focus on more important things.

You decide which tasks make sense for you to keep in-house and which ones you want to delegate to Lume. You’ll always maintain control and can adjust the level of management as your needs grow.

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