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Cloud CTRL™

Cloud CTRL™ provides everything you need to get the most out of your hosting environment. No matter what type of environment you have, Cloud CTRL™ gives you the tools and insight needed to monitor your cloud services and infrastructure.


Everything Under One Roof


Monitor all of your infrastructure environments under one single point of service.

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Monitor Everything

Collect and view insightful performance data from your on-premise, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure including physical servers, storage, networks, VMs, apps, and more.

Comprehensive and Proactive

Identify issues before they turn into downtime. Proactively scan and monitor networks, servers, and services to maximize uptime. Gain visibility with alerts and reporting of infrastructure health and performance.

Application Monitoring
Server Monitoring
Storage Monitoring

Network Monitoring
SQL and Database Monitoring
Websites and Users
And More

Server Monitoring

Monitor all of your physical and virtual servers on one integrated platform, with insightful graphs, metrics, and alerts on how your infrastructure, cloud, networks, and applications are performing.

  • Server Metrics
  • Monitors Cloud & VM’s
  • Granular Data
  • Predictive Analytics

Network Performance Monitoring

Get full-stack monitoring that ensures a high quality of service across your networks to deliver an optimal experience to the people you serve.

  • Advanced Graphing
  • SNMP & Netflow
  • Active Discovery
  • Data Forecasting

Use network protocols and data interpreters for even more insight.

  • SNMP
  • Netflow
  • DNS
  • IPMI
  • SIP
  • HTTP
  • JMX
  • CIM
  • ESX
  • WMI
  • JDBC
  • TCP

SQL and Database Monitoring

Performance monitoring, alerting and diagnosis for database professionals.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Postgre SQL
  • Oracle Database
  • MongoDB
  • and more

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