Secure and Dedicated Connection

Our AWS Direct Connect allows you to leverage a dedicated connection between your network and your AWS environment. Our data center locations make it easy to establish a secure and consistent connection to AWS’s public cloud and reduce your bandwidth costs. Utilizing our AWS Direct Connect is the perfect way to successfully deploy or optimize a Hybrid Cloud solution.


AWS Direct Connect Benefits

  • Integrate with AWS for a true Public/Private Hybrid solution
  • Guaranteed network performance when transferring data to your AWS environment
  • Reduce costs by taking advantage of lower transfer rates into the AWS cloud
  • Consistency in performance with lower I/O and API latencies
  • Compatible with all AWS services: S3, EC2, VPC etc.

AWS Direct Connect Uses

Working with Large Data Sets
Transfer large amounts of data to your AWS environment with guaranteed network performance
Real-time Data Feeds
Control how your data is routed and provide a more consistent network experience
Hybrid Environments
Combine the elasticity of AWS with the ability to utilize other infrastructure

AWS Direct Connect Locations

Location Matters

Our AWS Direct Connections are currently available in:



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