Oct 12, 2017

FROM PRESS RELEASE – SAAV Games, a software development partnership focused on “Developing Excellent Games,” announced today its partnership with Lume, a managed cloud service provider, to host their game server environment. Lume has a global network of data center locations and provides a suite of advanced and comprehensive managed cloud solutions.

SAAV Games required a provider with a global reach and scalability for its game servers. CEO Shawn Gordon reached out to Lume about a partnership for SAAV’s newest game release.  Gordon had worked with Lume previously on an unrelated project and had been very pleased with the performance, support, and quality of service from Lume provided.

“I emailed Kyle Verzello, CEO of Lume, and pitched the idea to him, he responded enthusiastically and that was it.  We had the server infrastructure and everything rolling shortly after that.  All of my experience with Lume has been positive and we’re extremely happy about this partnership”, said Gordon.

Lume’s Cloud Anyware™ solutions offer a suite of custom cloud solutions.  Cloud Anyware™ allows users to choose which cloud or infrastructure solution is used for each application, and choose the data center location where their environment is hosted.

“We’re very excited about our partnership with SAAV,” said Clay Wood, Chief Customer Officer, Lume.  “Given the scope of what they’re doing, we designed their environment to be able to quickly scale as they need it, where they need it, to meet the game’s requirements,” said Wood.

Agame is a massively multiplayer online, real-time strategy (MMO RTS) game, which allows a large number of players to interact with one another within a virtual world. Agame is set in feudal Europe and based on documented village structure, military units and battle strategy from that era. Agame is currently running and usable in beta form on iOS and Android and is expected to launch in December.

About SAAV Games

SAAV Games is a partnership comprised of software and business developers who share a history of delivering quality, open-source, and practical software and who share a common goal: Developing excellent games. Originally formed with the intention of completing a single product, SAAV quickly realized its potential for developing and delivering all the video games the partners had always dreamed of making. For more information, visit www.SaavGames.com.


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