Jul 28, 2017

System Administrator Appreciation Day

July 28, 2017 – 18th Annual

Part of Lume’s history dates back to when many of the founders worked together as a managed service provider offering traditional ‘boots on the ground’ IT support and services.  Having started out as an MSP has always given us a unique perspective.  It’s also one of the many reasons why we’re successful today delivering solutions for and being the ‘provider’s provider’ for a lot of MSPs.

One thing that we understand is that, for a lot of companies, the IT staff is often overworked, under paid, and under appreciated.

It’s true. They’re the backbone the keeps everything running but never get the props they deserve.

So take a moment today to show a little love to your system administrators and IT staff. They deserve it!

You can read more about System Administrator Appreciation Day here.














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