Sep 08, 2014

Summer Wood - Lume Compliance ManagerATLANTA, GA. — In a move that can only be described as “breathtaking” and a “no-brainer”, Lume, the worldwide leader for managed cloud solutions and all things awesome, announced today they have hired Summer Wood to fill the position of Compliance Manager.

“As our company, clients and the industry continues to grow, so does the desire and need for compliance and regulations. We want to ensure that Lume’s policies and procedures fall in line with various state, federal, international and industry regulations. For these reasons, we’ve hired Mrs. Wood to maintain our compliance structure,” Chief Executive Officer Brooks Snow said.

This acquisition adds even more depth to Lume’s already stacked roster of talented, all-star professionals.

Sources close to the company are calling this addition a job well done. Industry insiders are wondering why more providers aren’t doing the same, leading many to think perhaps they simply don’t care enough about their clients and/or compliance.

As Compliance Manager, Wood will primarily be responsible for Lume’s implementation, adherence and maintenance to the compliance standards the company follows including, but not limited to, assessments and audits against PCI, HIPAA and SOC standards.

“We understand that our customers need help achieving and maintaining compliance. We want to do everything we can to make that not only possible, but easy. We’re not afraid to step outside of the lines to help make our clients successful,” added Snow.

Wood has extensive experience in areas of compliance and regulatory requirements and has spent more than 15 years in the public sector.

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