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Disaster Recovery as a Service with Actifio

Modernize Your Disaster Recovery

Improve your RTO and RPO while reducing cost, risk, and complexity.

This is What a Modern Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution Looks Like





Modern backup recovery and automated disaster recovery


Real-Time Database Recovery

Get real-time backup, replication, and restore for Oracle, SQL, MongoDB, HANA, MySQL, Postgres databases


Production-like Performance

Spin up and run live on backup and virtual copies



Backup and recovery for virtual or physical cloud workloads, including NAS appliances


DR Testing and Orchestration

Managed solutions include synthetic DR testing and automated DR orchestration


Customer Portal

Unified view of all data, backups, hosts, and applications


Instant Recovery from Day One

Instant recovery for your most important enterprise applications, regardless of the size of the data set, from day one of solution deployment


Infrastructure Agnostic

DRaaS for on-premise, public, or private cloud via block or object-based storage


Flexible RTO/RPO

Create SLA-backed RTOs and RPOs for each application


Digital Runbook

Digital DR runbook to automate all recovery processes

Can Your Disaster Recovery Solution Do This?

Real-time Database Recovery

Backup, recover, and clone your mission-critical databases


SQL Server



Infrastructure Agnostic, Application-Centric 


Deploy, Backup, and Recover in Any Environment

Replicate to your location of choice. Backup and recovery solutions for any virtual or physical cloud workloads, including NAS appliances. Learn more about Cloud Anyware.

The Industry Choice

Actifio is ranked #1 by Gartner for VMware backup.

Solving Legacy Problems with Modern Backup and Disaster Recovery

Legacy backup architectures face multiple challenges that increase exponentially as data grows.

Legacy backup products require recurring full backups weekly, if not daily. These recurring full backups impact performance and the backup window.

Large backup windows also lead to a large Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Recovering from database dumps or proprietary backup format increases Recovery Time Objective (RTO) as well.

Storing backups for multiple years in expensive deduplication appliances increases the total cost of ownership (TCO).

DRaaS with Actifio reduces backup windows and degregated performance impacts by up to 20x. This is done by delivering an application consistent incremental forever backup solution.

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