Managed AWS

Get The Most Out Of Your AWS Investment

Designed, supported, and managed by experts

Managed AWS Hosting Solutions

Whether you’re already an AWS customer looking for an extension of your internal technical team, or considering AWS for the first time, we can help. Let Lume manage your AWS environment so you can focus your time and efforts on growing your business, not managing your infrastructure.


Fully Managed AWS Lifecycle Solutions

Strategy and Design
Our certified experts will help you develop your cloud strategy and design an AWS solution true to your application and business requirements

Secure Environment
All the expertise, tools, and best-practices needed to keep your environment safe and secure 24/7

Operate and Manage
Leverage our AWS experts to manage the daily operations of your infrastructure while you focus on your core business

Ongoing Optimization
Our experts will continually monitor and evaluate your needs and identify areas to improve the performance and efficiency of your environment

Available AWS Solutions

End-to-End AWS Solutions, Managed By the Experts.

We offer a variety of Managed AWS solutions with a wide range of features and capabilities.

AWS Storage

Multiple data storage tiers with flexible costs and availability ranges to cover any storage need. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon Glacier, Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Storage), AWS Import/Export service, and more.

AWS Databases

Fully managed NoSQL and relational db services. Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) provides easy to manage databases with scalable storage.

AWS Deployment and Management

Design, deployment, and the daily management of AWS CloudFormation, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), with ongoing production environment cost optimization. AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS OpsWorks and AWS CodeDeploy with additional application monitoring, added security, and API activity logging.

AWS Compute

Variety of cloud services to meet the needs of your applications, with the flexibility to meet any requirements. Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), Auto Scaling, and more.

AWS Networking

Managed networking solutions for logically isolated networks. AWS Direct Connect, Private network connections with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Route 53 DNS, and more.

AWS Configuration Management

Fast and synchronized deployments using Puppet Labs Puppet Master EC2 instances on Amazon AWS.

Don’t Go It Alone

AWS doesn’t understand your business, your applications…or your priorities.

Choosing AWS for your infrastructure doesn’t ‘automagically’ ensure a successful cloud venture.

By partnering with a provider that has the experience and expertise to manage your AWS environment, you can turn commodity resources into an intelligent cloud environment that delivers meaningful results for your business.

Our Team is Your Team

Cloud Management Through Smart Partnerships

We will work closely with your organization to fully understand your application(s), business operations, and your current and future infrastructure requirements. We act as an extension of your team so we can establish the processes and rules necessary to apply best practices for your environment, all while balancing performance and cost.

Managed AWS Benefits


Certified AWS Managed Service Partner

Our Managed AWS services have been audited to meet stringent criteria in support of AWS and industry best practices


Single Point of Contact

Don’t waste your time waiting on hold. Our experts will proactively handle the designing, deploying, managing and support for your AWS environment


Quickly Adopt and Deploy AWS Services

We can advise you on how to take advantage of all that AWS has to offer and get it deployed quickly


Expert AWS Support and Service

We’re an extension of your team. Our support is delivered by a team of cloud experts who are here to help your business be successful


Ongoing Optimization

Our experts will continually monitor and evaluate your needs identifying areas to improve the performance and efficiency of your environment

AWS Direct Connect

Secure and Dedicated Connection

Our AWS Direct Connect allows you to leverage a dedicated connection between your network and your AWS environment. Our data center locations make it easy to establish a secure and consistent connection to AWS’s public cloud and reduce your bandwidth costs. Utilizing our AWS Direct Connect is the perfect way to successfully deploy or optimize a Hybrid Cloud solution.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions with AWS

Lume_Multi-Cloud Hybrid Overview

Multi-Cloud Flexibility

The right solution often requires a combination of different infrastructure architectures. Our Hybrid Cloud Solutions allow you to incorporate equipment you own, hosted solutions, and elastic components to create the best fitting environment for your needs. Our AWS Hybrid Cloud Solutions combine the use of public and private cloud infrastructures, as well as on premise hardware, to deliver the most flexible solution possible. Our expert engineers can design and manage a solution that is perfect for you.

Need Help With AWS?

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