March 27, 2018

The Traditional Channel Lines Are Getting Blurred

Talkin’ Cloud on Channel Futures Lume was recently featured in a Talkin’ Cloud article on Channel Futures. “The lines that traditionally delineated the channel’s [...]
February 07, 2018

Your Disaster Recovery Solution Is Only as Good as Your Network

You’re facing an IT disaster, but it’s OK. You have a disaster recovery solution in place and can easily failover to it. You sit [...]
February 06, 2018

Understanding Meltdown and Spectre: What They Are and How They Work

WARNING:  This article may get a tad nerdy.  We promise to break this down in layman’s terms and use the phrase ‘speculative execution’ as [...]
January 23, 2018

Don’t Ignore the Security and Protection that Colocation Provides

Relying heavily on virtualized infrastructure doesn’t mean organizations can neglect physical access control. With IT environments becoming more complex and the larger cybersecurity narrative [...]
January 16, 2018

3 Underlying Considerations for MSPs When Selecting a Cloud Provider

If you’re a MSP, you’ve probably heard the same cloud sales and marketing points ad nauseam. A service provider offering good service level agreements [...]
January 09, 2018

Businesses Will Pay for a Good Managed Cloud, But Most Vendors Can’t Offer One

“Shut up and take my money.  Please!” Companies are embracing the cloud. And we don’t mean that they are taking the technology seriously or [...]