April 25, 2019

What does a load balancer do?

Guest post written by: Bryan Boretsky Director; Cloud and Service Provider Sales at Kemp Technologies Learn more at kemptechnologies.com What a load balancer does? [...]
January 22, 2019

Why It Is Important to Understand Cloud Governance

Holster that six-shooter, cowboy, because the Wild West days of the cloud are coming to an end. For years, use of cloud solutions was [...]
November 06, 2018

Cloud Sticker Shock – Oh yeah, it’s a thing

Don’t get blindsided by the hidden costs from a public cloud provider (especially if they used to be a bookstore). Many businesses have been [...]
October 30, 2018

Using Colocation to Get More from Containers

Containerized computing is among the latest trends to sweep through the cloud world, but what’s all the hype really about? In simplest terms: Containers [...]
October 16, 2018

3 Ways Managed Services Take Colocation to the Next Level

Using a provider that you can trust and delegate to can help you get the most out of your solution (and look like a [...]
July 19, 2018

[Watch Video] Cloud Anyware™ + KEMP 360

We are a Managed Cloud Service Provider with a global footprint of edge data center locations. Our Cloud Anyware™ solution allows us to deploy, [...]