Beyond The Basics of Disaster Recovery as a Service

November 20, 2017

A few key considerations can help you get more value from your DR solution. Disaster recovery strategies are often treated as a known quantities. The issue is frequently approached as if businesses have a few options regarding how they want to segregate backup, recovery, continuity and restoring operations. Beyond that, the conversation tends to only focus […]

If You’re an MSP, You Can’t Afford to Treat All Clouds Equally

November 14, 2017

Don’t make a bad business decision just because a provider advertises with hourly billing. MSPs deserve better. The technology world has entered a phase where a lot of services look extremely similar once you get past the branding. The cloud industry isn’t immune.  While Gartner found that the global cloud market is poised for 18 percent […]

Vendor Capabilities Can Make or Break a Cloud Strategy

November 07, 2017

Partnering with the right provider for your cloud strategy is critical. In some ways, cloud computing is beginning to be treated as a commodity. With so many providers offering similar solutions, with no real differentiators, its understandable that some people view them as the same. On the outside looking in, deploying a cloud solution can […]