October 30, 2018

Using Colocation to Get More from Containers

Containerized computing is among the latest trends to sweep through the cloud world, but what’s all the hype really about? In simplest terms: Containers [...]
October 16, 2018

3 Ways Managed Services Take Colocation to the Next Level

Using a provider that you can trust and delegate to can help you get the most out of your solution (and look like a [...]
July 19, 2018

[Watch Video] Cloud Anyware™ + KEMP 360

We are a Managed Cloud Service Provider with a global footprint of edge data center locations. Our Cloud Anyware™ solution allows us to deploy, [...]
July 05, 2018

Lume Named “20 Most Promising IT Infrastructure Solution Providers of 2018”

Number 13 in your program, number 1 in your heart. We are pleased to announce that Lume has been named to CIOReview’s “20 Most [...]
June 26, 2018

5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Edge Computing and Data Centers

No, not the guy from U2.  The other ‘Edge’. Edge computing has been in the spotlight, with venture capitalists clamoring about the decline of [...]
June 19, 2018

You’re Not an Octopus: Quit Trying to Manage Hybrid & Multi Cloud Environments On Your Own

C’mon, quit fooling yourself.  You can’t do it all. IT managers today have a lot of tasks to juggle – so much so that they probably [...]