What We Do

Managed Cloud Service Provider

Lume provides Private Cloud, Data Center, and Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions. Utilizing our global network and data center footprint, we provide solutions for companies that need help getting to the cloud or improving their existing cloud infrastructure.

Built on redundant, enterprise-grade infrastructure, our solutions are tailored to meet client specific needs. We deliver premium solutions that provide more control, better performance and increased reliability – oh, and everything we do is backed by some of the best Customer Service and Technical Support around.

We Believe That...

Technology should make life easier. It should solve problems and eliminate inefficiencies. It should work for you and help you focus on the things that matter most. Technology shouldn’t control you or dictate how you work.

The right technology solution should help you scale. The challenge is bringing all of your requirements together into one cohesive solution that provides you with the functionality you need to meet your business objectives.

This is where Lume can help.

Breaking the Mold of What a ‘Provider’ Should Be

Since 2005, we’ve been helping customers overcome their business and IT challenges. At that time, we were a traditional managed service provider under a different name. Since that time, we’ve witnessed our industry go through a number of changes.

As the technology, and the demands of our clients evolved, so did we. From a boots-on-the-ground MSP, to building our own greenfield data centers from the ground up, to being one of the global leaders in providing cloud and data center solutions, we’ve always stayed true to our approach regarding solutions and service:

  • Provide Exceptional Service: Take care of the clients, no matter what

  • Understand The Client’s Operations: Deliver services that meet the needs of their IT and business operations

  • Focus On the Applications: Engineer solutions that ensure the applications perform as they should

  • Location Matters: The edge is critical

Career Opportunities

Can you design and manage HA Networks that are faster than a speeding bullet? Are you able to configure VM Clusters that are more powerful than a locomotive? Leap 42U racks in a single bound? (Well, that last one is just silly. You should really be more careful.)


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