Oct 23, 2017

VDI Solutions Are Changing the Way We Work.

Virtual desktop infrastructure conversations often go in one of two directions. The first is highly technical, emphasizing how VDI systems transform backend processes and make life easier for the IT department. The second, an extension of the first, goes into how these backend improvements help IT support niche parts of the business. For example, CADalyst recently reported that establishing virtual workstations is making it easier for IT teams to support CAD innovation.

Similarly, Inside Higher Ed recently explained that academic institutions are ramping up VDI deployments to support virtual lab environments for students.

These types of niche products do make life much easier for IT teams, but businesses that get distracted by the backend can lose sight of just how transformative VDI solutions can be for organizations. VDI technologies give businesses the flexibility to adopt new operating models and keep up with shifting work trends.

Taking a strategic approach to VDI use can help companies get ahead. Three key VDI use cases that can have a transformational impact on your business include:

1. Mobile Virtual Desktops

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement is emerging as a major headache for IT teams and business leaders alike. Lost devices, malware, poorly monitored app stores and complex proprietary app development processes come together to make enterprise mobility a nightmare. Businesses can’t even wake themselves up because mobile is now a reality for the enterprise user.

VDI solutions can help your technology and business leaders sleep better at night. Hosting the entire desktop configuration – apps, data, authentication credentials, etc. – in the cloud eliminates the need to store sensitive data on the device. Other key benefits include:

  • Built-in single-sign-in functionality as users log in to the virtual desktop partition, not each app and service. You can use multi factor authentication without driving employees crazy.
  • Simplified governance and oversight as IT teams can control key parameters within the cloud configuration and enforce policy compliance through the virtual desktop.
  • Easy device management as VDI solutions can be established as device-agnostic platforms where apps and services can reside without having to be customized for different operating systems.

Businesses that are excellent at supporting mobile users can gain a competitive edge by solving problems their competitors grapple with. Empowering mobile workers by using VDI environments lets companies maintain the IT control they need without compromising the user experience.

2. Remote Work

Remote work and supporting mobile users often gets pushed together as common trends, but there are a few key differences. In particular, putting an enterprise mobility strategy in place gives employees the ability to work with more flexibility, but those workers are still generally based in the office; they just get the job done smoothly when they’re away from the desk. A company that embraces remote work can enact such strategies as:

  • Globalized recruiting, which in turn opens up the talent pool for an organization.
  • Minimal office space, a tactic that drastically reduces real estate and other overhead costs.
  • Adjusted employee retention to allow workers who need to move out of an area to continue in their job roles.

Human resources and office management costs can quickly derail a business’ bottom line. VDI solutions let companies deliver a common computing experience to remote workers, letting corporate leaders get creative with their big-picture organizational tactics.

3. Regulatory Compliance

Plenty of businesses have run into problems with employees taking paperwork home, storing work emails on a personal server or otherwise playing a bit loose with regulatory laws because they work in places other than the office.

Centralizing data in a secure cloud and delivering through a VDI environment eliminates this problem by taking the backend data out of end-user hands.

These are just three ways a VDI solution can transform how a business operates. Ultimately, the technology simplifies so many backend processes and procedures without disrupting end users that companies can no longer to afford to ignore its potential.

Let Lume be your partner in this business transformation process. We offer high performing VDI solutions that let businesses establish anytime, anywhere access to the solutions their end users need.

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