Managed Cloud Solutions

Designed, supported, and managed by experts

Private Cloud

Scalable, secure, and compliant cloud environment. Our Private Cloud Solutions provide the flexibility and efficiency of a public cloud, built on infrastructure dedicated exclusively for you.

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Hybrid Cloud

The right solution often requires a combination of different infrastructure architectures. Our Hybrid Cloud Solutions allow you to incorporate equipment you own, hosted solutions, and elastic components to create the best fitting environment for your needs.

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Managed AWS

Whether you’re already an AWS customer looking for an extension of your internal technical team, or considering AWS for the first time, we can help. Let Lume manage your AWS environment so you can focus your time and efforts on growing your business, not managing your infrastructure.

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Cloud Anywhere™

Cloud Anywhere enables and simplifies hybrid and multi-cloud solutions by allowing you to choose which infrastructure solution is best for each application and have it all managed and supported by industry experts.

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