Disaster Recovery and Beyond: 3 Data Center Location Issues You Can’t Ignore

September 19, 2017

Location is often treated as a necessary consideration in data center strategies. It’s rarely considered essential for value creation. Companies either want the data center close to where services are being offered, to minimize latency and simplify management, or they want the facility far away for disaster recovery services. These issues are still central to […]

3 Ways a Bad Data Center Can Ruin Your Cloud

September 12, 2017

Cloud infrastructure models are increasingly recognized for their ability to reduce costs and accelerate time to market. In a podcast from McKinsey, Irina Starikova, a partner with the research organization, explained the cloud infrastructure market is now valued at more than $200 billion. The widespread availability of cloud infrastructure solutions demonstrates the technology’s potential, but […]

Hurricane Irma Georgia Disaster Recovery Assistance

September 11, 2017

We may not be experts in all of the issues that arise from a disaster, but here are some resources and information available to assist those in need. Please be safe and help those who need it! Disaster Recovery Useful Websites Here are some resources for those in Georgia who are recovering from disaster:   […]