Enter the Cisco (36 Chambers)

April 30, 2015

Enter the Cisco (36 Chambers) Educating laypeople about security is difficult. The nuts and bolts of safe digital practices is often rooted in very technical knowledge. Even the most knowledgeable of security experts will admit that understanding and implementing the best practices is both boring and laborious.   Source: Watch this weird cringeworthy video from Cisco […]

New Materials Could Make Star Wars-Style 3D Screens 

April 28, 2015

Everyone’s favorite wonder material, graphene, could soon create realistic 3D screens for mobile devices and smartphones. Whereas most 3D displays have thus far depended on fancy glasses or, in a…   Now if we could just get those fancy operating systems they use in all the movies, we’ll be set.   Source: New Materials Could […]

Storage Wars: The Goog Strikes Back

March 11, 2015

The war between Amazon and Google for inexpensive and low performing storage options is heating up…again.  Today Google announced their new Nearline Storage offering. Nearline Storage seems to be geared towards data that you might want to access at times but that you don’t necessarily need ‘instantly’. Nearline Storage is appropriate for storing data in […]